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Articles by Bud Abraham

Using the telephone

Ever telephoned your own business as a mystery caller? Were you pleased with what you heard? If your answer is ‘no,’ don’t fret — the situation can easily be improved.
September 24, 2013

A hard sell

To survive today, you have to understand today's customer.
August 23, 2013
The August Issue's Detailer's Spotlight story talks about how you need to understand today's customer.
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What does it cost to detail a car?

August 21, 2013
Pauly Polish was sweating bullets. It was Friday and he was reviewing his checkbook. He could not figure out why his balance was shrinking on a week-to-week basis.
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Thinking of offering PDR?

August 7, 2013
PDR (paintless dent repair) can be a popular service offered at your detail shop...
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A hard sell

To survive today, you have to understand today's customer.
July 29, 2013

During the season of sno-cones and popsicles, how do you remove red dye from a car?

July 17, 2013
Probably one of the hardest stains to remove is "water-based red dye stains."
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Marketing tips

Presenting the best tips you need to know to market your detail business.
June 20, 2013

Express detailing: It needs a standard

March 26, 2013
The concept of express detailing is sweeping through the carwash industry like a tornado in Kansas and is gaining more strength and velocity as it goes.
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Packaging and pricing detail services

In the many years I have been involved in the auto detail industry it is evident that pricing is the key to success in the business.
February 21, 2013

Even more additional services

Though these services require extra training and investment, they can pay off for attentive owners.
January 25, 2013