PUEBLO, Colo. — According to www.chieftain.com, on March 17th, police were called to investigate a break-in at a local carwash.

The victim reported to police that someone had broken into the facility overnight by prying open the steel door, causing around $1,300 in damages, the article continued.

Thereafter, the suspect or suspects pried open a lock box that held the business’ keys and tried to use the keys to unlock the business’ bill changer, the article noted.

However, the suspect broke the key off inside the padlock and then tried to pry open the machine, causing a further $1,000 in damages, the article stated.

The victim also reported that the suspect stole several vending machine wipes and towels valued at about $300, adding to the $2,300 the suspect did in damages, the article added.

Police are currently investigating, the article concluded.

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