IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Northgate Express Car Wash has launched its I Did It Club to support charities, according to

Each month Northgate will offer a $2 discount off its top packages. The $2 will be donated to a charity of the month, said the article.

October’s charity of the month is the Rex & Tiffany Foundation, which promotes breast cancer awareness, noted the article.

Tiffany Redden was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, and she now offers her advice for women everywhere, stated the article.

“If I can encourage you to do one thing – that would be to get your screenings,” she said in the article. “Make your appointments. Get your preventative care. I had no family history of breast cancer – it was not even on my radar. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38, and I am proud to say that I'm a survivor at the age of 39.”

The carwash and other sponsors are also giving away a car this holiday season, reported the article.

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