MUNCIE, Ind. — According to an article from The Star Press, a company recently obtained the needed variances in order to build a large 150-foot-long tunnel carwash in Muncie, Indiana.

The Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) approved “a request for setback and buffer variances, or deviations, from the zoning ordinance,” noted the article.

BZA Chairman Jim Fowler raised concerns during its meeting regarding the issue of cars stacking up at the carwash, interfering with traffic flow on critical access roads, added the article.

However, according to those in favor of the project, continued the article, this carwash will fill an “underserviced” community.

“Our customers rave about us,” said Brian Catron, a native of Richmond, a Ball State University graduate and a co-owner of Clearwater Car Wash in Warsaw, Indiana. “We thought there would be only one but it went so well that people said we should expand, and Muncie was on the short list.”

Included in this new carwash’s plans are 20 free vacuum stations for customers and non-customers as well as a conveyor belt to process cars through a 150-foot tunnel, according to the article.

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