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Custom inflatable rhino stolen from carwash

BRISTOL, Pa. — According to, a $3,500, custom-made, inflatable red rhinoceros named Elvis was stolen from Red Rhino Car Wash, and the owners want him back.

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According to Brent and Blake McCurdy, the father and son co-owners of the wash, the cranky red rhino embodies the mojo that the two have infused into the carwash, the article continued.

“We know it was stolen. Parts and pieces of it were in this bay over here. They are taking some of the weights and things out of it, because we get some high winds here on Route 13,” the owner said.

The McCurdys have already replaced the stolen rhino with another one, but they still feel it was an item vital to the carwash, the article added.

Customers were also confused by the theft, the article noted.

The McCurdys told FOX 29 that if someone had the red rhino and wanted to bring it back, that person could do so with no questions asked, and the owners would even give that person a free carwash, the article concluded.

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