BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the latest Guest Post, Xamax Clothing, a workwear and promotional clothing specialist, discusses how to keep carwash employees safe during the winter season with appropriate workwear.

“During winter, it’s important all carwash employees wear appropriate workwear,” writes Xamax. “Freezing temperatures and wet weather can put your employees’ health and safety at risk.”

In 2013, notes Xamax, an estimated 724 fatal injuries were caused by slips, trips and falls in the U.S., and a higher chance of falls is likely during winter due to increased possibility of rain, snow and ice.

In the blog post, Xamax shares how wearing the right clothes for work can keep employees safe during winter, including information on keeping dry, insulating core heat, protecting extremities, improving visibility and safety shoes.

For example, winter can be dark in the morning and in the late afternoon, explains Xamax, so it’s a good idea for carwash employees to wear high-visibility clothing.

“Specialist workwear can keep your employees safe at work during the winter season and lower chances of any work-related injuries,” asserts Xamax.

Read the entire blog post on winter workwear here.