WIND GAP, Pa. — Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and ID TECH, a designer and manufacturer of payment devices and components, have announced ICS’s EMV L3 certification with its CAGE solution and ID TECH’s VP5300 unattended credit card reader, according to a press release.

Kevin Detrick, president of ICS, explained, “Unattended payments are different than attended. A cashier is not present to assist the customer or reset the terminal. Customers get frustrated, leave and may never come back. ICS developed a patent-pending process to pass the states and error codes from the reader to the payment application in the kiosk, not the PIN pad. Prompts on the PIN pad are missed, and the transaction fails. ICS’s payment application will send corrective commands to the card reader and video prompts to the cardholder in order to manage the EMV reader and the customer through the transaction.”

The solution, utilizing end-to-end encryption with the VP5300, is bundled with a PCI program simplifying merchant compliance, the release continued.

ICS is implementing this solution into its existing line of ruggedized, outdoor kiosks while also offering this solution to other unattended verticals, the release noted.

“ID TECH is ecstatic Innovative Control Systems has completed their EMV L3 certification with the secure unattended VP5300 bundle,” said Jason Hall, unattended product manager. “This is an excellent solution for carwashes and other unattended environments that need to start accepting chip and contactless payments.”