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Infographic: 6 ways to adjust your business to meet customer needs

There are several ways to create loyalty through creating positive customer experiences.


In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming May issue article, “Feel the excitement,” Group Editorial Director/Chief Editor Rich DiPaolo discusses how to meet customer needs by enhancing the customer experience and thereby increasing customer loyalty.

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In the article, DiPaolo says, “While each customer is unique, recent studies and research suggest that there are now common themes that matter most to retail customers today. For example, according to a recent Customer Experience and Impact survey, sponsored by Synchrony Financial … 53 percent of consumers would pay a higher price for the experience they value most. In other words, if you are able to figure out what factors play an important role in elevating the customer experience, it will not only drive customer satisfaction, but it will also influence customer behavior and purchasing decisions.”


DiPaolo goes on to describe how shopping is an emotional experience for customers and how you should value their feedback as part of the process for enhancing the overall customer experience.

PC&D created an infographic highlighting six different aspects that matter most to consumers that you can use to create a better carwashing experience.

Stay on the lookout for the full article when it publishes to learn more about adjusting your business to meet customer needs.


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