PRAIRIEVILLE, La. — According to, Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested Gene McCauley, 39, when they found him using an electric grinder to cut open money boxes at Galvez Carwash in the early morning of May 31st.

McCauley has been suspected of five other similar burglaries over the past few weeks including this same carwash and nearby Sail Away Carwash where a total of more than $1,000 has reportedly been stolen, the article continued.

Deputies responded to an alarm at the carwash and heard the grinder whirring inside the carwash, the article noted; McCauley appeared shortly thereafter on the roof.

McCauley had cut a hole through the roof of the carwash, but refused to get down when deputies confronted him and instead retreated into the building, the article added.

Deputies used a ladder to get onto the roof and restrain him after a short struggle, the article stated.

At one point, McCauley allegedly threatened to jump off the roof, the article noted.

McCauley had about $400 in quarters and $179 in bills in his possession, the article reported, and after searching his home later, deputies found steroid and drug paraphernalia.

McCauley was booked in Ascension Parish Prison on six counts each of simple burglary, felony damage to property, felony theft and criminal trespassing as well as five counts of steroid possession and single counts of drug paraphernalia possession, the article concluded.

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