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Sneak peek: Six factors to consider when selecting a dryer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The latest dryer technology can help to move carwashes forward.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team recently received the print version of the October issue.

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In this issue you can expect to find informative features on an array of topics, such as doors, appealing to customers’ senses, the 2015 Top 50 list, this year’s Most Valuable Carwasher recipient, hiring and retaining quality managers, interior cleaning and much more.

For this exclusive sneak peek of the October article “Blow away the competition,” Assistant Editor Maria Woodie discusses how the latest dryer technology can help to move carwashes forward.

“Having a high-quality dryer is critical to ensuring high-quality results,” says Woodie in the article.

In the article, Darryl and Cheryl Dobie, owners of Aerodry Systems LLC, and their team offer a few key factors to consider when selecting a dryer:

  • Speed: Whether projected or from experience, base the number of vehicles serviced on speed as opposed to the average number of cars per hour/day. As a starting point, use the 1:1 ratio of cars per hour (CPH) to horsepower (HP).
  • Climate and geography: A humid environment or a wash situated where prevailing wind distributes mist into the drying area will require more consideration as to size and air volume of a system to mitigate those factors.
  • Water quality: More HP will be needed to remove water that is not treated properly. Assisting the process by establishing a beading of water is vital because beads weigh less, have less surface tension and, therefore, are easier for the drying system to remove.
  • Sound: Balancing sound restrictions with performance is possible. Know your requirements before making a decision, and ask your manufacturer to document his or her specifications with certified reports. Installing a system without meeting requirements imposed by code may result in operational restrictions.
  • Cost: Spending hard-earned money can be painful, but if you base your decisions solely on cost, the chances of adequately addressing needs are minimal.
  • Network: Research door options by talking to other operators with similar facilities. Also, ask prospective vendors for references.

While we wait for the digital version of the October issue, check out the September issue here.

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