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Environmental Issues

Earth-friendly products

From packaging to product to reducing your carbon footprint, Ultraflex® is an advanced system of ultra concentrated, Earth Ready® products that meet your performance requirements while reducing your carbon footprint.
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Water reclaim system

Water Reclaim Factory, LLC, is designing a new reclaim system that is constructed from top-quality pumps, valves and materials. A typical installation will require a collection pit Using the specially-made
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Water treatment system

AquaMizer® Water Conditioning Systems introduces a major technical breakthrough in water treatment technology. This environmentally-friendly, “green” technology does not impact the environment. It is a chemical-free scale prevention: no salt,
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Eco-friendly building materials

Nuform™ Building Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce its new Sustainable Extrusion Technology to the car care industry. Named R3, for Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose, the technology uses third-party postindustrial
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