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Do you tint windows?

I know there is some controversy surrounding tinted windows. In some states, cops will pull over cars that may in fact...
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Creating a system

Years of work inventing equipment and forming a workflow yielded speedy results for one detailer.
After years of work inventing equipment and forming a workflow, one detailer is now ready to share his speedy results with other car-care businesses.
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Ten marketing rules for detailers

One mistake people make when they open a detail business is they don’t put much thought into marketing.
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Advice for training detail shop employees

Properly training your detailing staff is critical for a successful auto detailing business. Without a training plan, business owners quickly lose control.
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Crayons melted inside my car

Okay, I must confess to all of you, I thought there was a possibility it could happen, but I convinced myself it would not. I mean, I didn't think it was that hot out.
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Profile in success: Then and now

How J.R. and Patricia Carsten found almost 50 years of success in the ever-evolving detail industry.
In the world today, it is rare for a person to stay in the same position, with the same company, for more than five years.
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Don't forget to take our Detailing Survey

LATHAM, NY ― The 2012 survey is a representation of detailing business owners from across the nation. The information gathered provides the latest industry facts, trends and figures.
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The 2012 Most Valuable Carwasher is ... a detailer!

This year's award goes to José Fernandez of Superior Shine in Covina, California. He is known for his extreme passion about his work.
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Which products are best for paint finishes?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of the paint finish.
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Can wax be put over a sealant?

Our detail editor, Bud Abraham, weighs in, and also shares which of the two he thinks is better in terms of durability.
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