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Product Releases

Toll tag clip

The eZpassClip™ is a mounting solution for new-style toll transponders.
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Headlight Restoration Pros
The Headlight Restoration Pros Shop Directory,, is an online directory of professional headlight restoration shops located throughout the U.S.
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Light clamp system

Fox Fury Lighting Solutions
FoxFury Lighting Solutions announced a new clamp system that allows Nomad Area-Spot lights to mount to walls and vehicles.
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Fluid Metering Inc.
Valveless, ceramic pumps from Fluid Metering Inc. (FMI) provide the solution for metering high-viscosity grease at low pressure for precision lubrication of industrial gearboxes.
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Coleman Hanna
Coleman Hanna improved the Hanna conveyor with four new features.
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Cat Pumps
Cat Pumps announced the expansion of the 1XP series carpet pumps to include a DC motor unit to compliment the AC motor line.
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Buffer attachment

Buffer Bit
The Buffer Bit is a uniquely designed product that turns any hand-drill into a top-of-the-line polishing tool.
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Mechanic's creeper seat

Dale Adams Enterprises
Dale Adams introduces the Tail Bone. Like their line of Bone line creepers, it's the only 100% American creeper seat currently on the market.
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Light racks

Custom Upfits
The Custom Upfits Explosion Proof Light Array is a portable light system made for color matching, auto detailing and body work.
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Column wrap

Ideal Shield
Ideal Shield's column wraps are available in round and square, and the do-it-yourself installation method uses interlocking panels so column wraps can be installed anywhere with no painting or special adhesives.
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