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Take control of your tunnel

Debra Gorgos
A look at how the functionality of the carwash controller has improved over time — and what to expect in the future.
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What's This ”Car Per Hour” Thing?

CarWash College™ Tip of the Month
Oftentimes we use terms in the car wash industry that have different meanings and can be confusing to people.
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Rexnord® 6990 Series MatTop® chains for car care provide a safe, simple and smooth method of conveying vehicles for exterior and interior washing applications. A 30” wide minimal dual lane
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The Windshear In-bay RM dryer is constructed from high-density polyethylene alloy resulting in a system that is dent proof, corrosion proof and easy to assemble in as little as 30
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Wheel cleaning system

MacNeil Wash Systems announces the Wheel Boss, the only all-in-one wheel cleaning system in the industry. The Wheel Boss incorporates design features from MacNeil’s research and development team
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Tapeswitch announces the addition of their new PRSX/4 Expansion Module to their comprehensive line of controllers. The PRSX/4 can be used for both sensing controllers and light curtain controllers. The
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Conveyor chain

MCE Worldwide now offers the Rexnord® brickable 3120-Series Car Conveying MatTop® chain. Meeting the on-going requirements of wider car tires and rims, the 3120 chain can be bricked in two
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The IP345 contains Proto-Vest’s cutting edge integrated processor logic system which allows it to perform all of the necessary actions to produce a proficiently dried vehicle. The IP345 will recognize
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Tunnel controller

Auto Data®, a point-of-sale software provider to the car care industry, is proud to announce its latest innovation, Tunnel LogicSM, a solid state tunnel controller designed to work with any
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Flat-belt surface conveyor

The new flat-belt surface conveyor from SAFETVEYR provides a perfect option for short-run after-care detailing applications seeking to optimize space and boost capacity. The company’s patented technology makes above ground
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