BILLINGS, Mont. — Vallie Automotive Center plans to provide a big gift to a deserving family in time for the holiday season, according to KTVQ.

Using parts donated from local businesses, including AutoZone and Griffin’s Detailing, the auto shop fixed up a 2003 Ford Taurus to give away to a family in need, stated the article.

The shop’s owner, Tim Vallie, has given away more than a dozen cars over the past five years, reported the article, and the shop’s mechanics donate their time and labor to help get the job done.

This year, continued the article, Vallie is also giving away a second car bought at an auction to a longtime customer who has to walk to work because her vehicle died.

Sean Cahill, service manager for Vallie Automotive, said connecting to the community is important to the business, added the article.

“We see so many people that are just trying so hard to make it through and make ends meet; and the last thing they need to worry about is how to get to work,” stated Cahill in the article. “So we’ve been doing this for the last couple years, and we’re continuing to do it just as a way to say thanks for keeping us in business.”

The shop encourages families in need to submit an application explaining how a new car would impact their lives, informed the article.

Applications will be accepted through Nov. 10, reported the article, and can be submitted through the shop’s website or by visiting its Facebook page.

The selected family will be presented with the car on Dec. 7, noted the article.

You can find the article here.