Sneak peek: Mat selection and care
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Sneak peek: Mat selection and care

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Mats can play a key role in maintaining an overall cleaner facility for a busy carwash location.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team just received the print version of the September issue, which is filled with informative features on a variety of topics including, chemicals, site selection, controllers, advertising and more.

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In this exclusive inside look of the September article, “Mats leave their mark in professional carwashes,” Adam Strizzi, contributing writer, discusses how mats can play a critical role in maintaining an overall cleaner facility for a busy carwash location.

Mats play a key role in keeping all facilities, including carwashes, safe, healthy and productive,” explains Strizzi. “This applies to mats placed inside and outside building entrances as well as carwash waiting areas and walkways.”

He adds, “For busy carwash locations, mats can play an integral part in keeping the facilities cleaner overall.”

Strizzi continues in the article to discuss the many different kinds of mats, including “specialty” mats, and how certain mats are better for different needs, uses and situations. A few options discussed in the article include high-performance, antimicrobial, anti-fatigue, antistatic, flow-through and logo mats.


Once a carwash has selected the right mats for the specific needs of its business, Strizzi offers a few quick care tips:

  • Mats should be vacuumed at least once per day and even more in a busy carwash. While they do collect moisture, the bulk of the contaminants they capture are dry soils and are best removed by vacuuming.
  • Vacuum mats in multiple directions. Back-and-forth vacuuming is fine as long as it is complemented with side-to-side vacuuming. This helps ensure more dry soils captured by the mat are vacuumed-up.
  • Pick up mats on a regular basis. If there is moisture under the mat, custodians should mop the floor and clean the back of the mat using a pH-neutral cleaner. Allow the mat to thoroughly dry before replacing. This can be more of a problem in a carwash facility than in other types of locations.
  • Check mats regularly. If one appears soiled, especially with grease and oil, remove and replace with a fresh mat.

While we anxiously wait for the digital version of the September issue, check out the August issue here.

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