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Business Operations

DRB Systems receives investment from Prairie Capital

SEATTLE — DRB, a carwash software solutions provider, received a strategic investment from Prairie Capital, a private equity firm based in Chicago, according to a press release.

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Small businesses have concerns over new $15 minimum wage in Seattle

SEATTLE — The approval for a $15 an hour minimum wage has left many small businesses concerned over their future, according to Small Business Trends.

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Marketing a carwash through Social Eyes

BOISE, Idaho — Part of having a successful carwash is having a successful carwash marketing strategy, according to a Social Eyes blog.

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Making Maintenance Fun

CarWash College™ Tip of the Month
I've been sitting around all day trying to think of something more boring than doing the routine maintenance around the car wash.
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Lowering prices while increasing revenue with loyalty program

Roland Bartels, owner of Tiger Express Wash, read a Cornell University study that taught him why lowering prices was the right way to bring in more profits.
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The hidden benefits of high volume

Ken Brott
Advice on what makes the added traffic created by loyalty programs so valuable.
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Norway carwashes described as giving ‘slavery’ like wages

OSLO, Norway —The hourly wage carwash workers are receiving in Norway is criminally low states a labor inspection, according to The Local.

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The ICA getting a more international feel with Car Wash Show Europe

CHICAGO — While the ICA has been doing international trips since the ‘70s, the launch of the Car Wash Show Europe in 2015 is a big step into the international market, according to  

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Scammers target businesses including carwashes

CHICAGO — A scam is targeting ComEd customers with threats to pay large fees or lose their power, according to CBS Chicago.

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Splash Car Wash contest giving away 2014 Corvette

NEW CANNAN, Conn. — Splash drew its first “key” winners for its Wash It & Win contest on Saturday, each key could be the one to start and win a 2014 Corvette Stingray, according to a press release.

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